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Solar Panels

Investing to Halt Climate Change, Elevating Humanity and Planet Earth

PlanetaryVC, founded by Ramez Naam, is a venture capital firm investing in the technologies for human and planetary flourishing - clean energy, energy storage, electrification of mobility and industry, the future of water and agriculture, and the technologies to halt the climate crisis, boost resilience, and insure human flourishing on a cleaner, safer, more prosperous planet Earth.


Ramez Naam

Founder and Managing Partner

Ramez Naam has spent the past decade investing in climate and energy technologies and speaking around the world on the future of energy, transportation, climate change, and natural resources. 


Ramez was one of the first to forecast the incredible price decline in clean energy. His seminal 2011 Scientific American article, “Smaller, Cheaper, Faster” observed that the cost of solar power was dropping exponentially and would eventually be lower than that of any other energy source. He’s since detailed the exponential trends in wind powerenergy storage, and electric vehicles and their disruptive impact on virtually every sector of the global economy.

Ramez is also the co-Chair for Energy and Environment at Singularity University and the author of five books. Before turning to climate and energy, he spent 15 years in tech.

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